November 14, 2006

Does Red Meat Cause Cancer - or Meat & Potatoes?

The latest report from the Nurses Study claims to have found that, based on reports by study participants recalling what they ate, those who say they ate more than one serving of "red meat" a day were more likely to develop breast cancer.

My immediate thought here was this: is the problem something in red meat, which does not as far as anyone knows contain anything that would promote breast cancer, or is the problem that "red meat" mostly means hamburgers on carb-laden buns with piles of fries consumed at a fast food joint, or steak and potatoes, perhaps with a killer carb "Death by Chocolate" dessert, elsewhere?

Why is this significant? Because we ALREADY KNOW THAT THE HIGH BLOOD SUGAR CREATED BY A HIGH CARBOHYDRATE INTAKE PROMOTES CANCER GROWTH. Cancer cells grow much faster than normal cells and they need a lot of glucose to do that growing.

So it is quite reasonable to conclude that people who eat a lot of bread and potatoes along with their "meat" along with the supersized Coke that comes almost for free with the burger and fries special, would be much more likely to have the high blood sugars that feed baby cancer cells.

So what happens when people eat red meat WITHOUT the high carb sides? Do they get cancer? We'll never know because the researchers didn't ask.

Because, once again, researchers were blinded by religiously held beliefs--"red meat is bad for you, carbohydrates are good" rather true science which looks past belief to find explanations, the researchers did not tease out the meat from the potatoes, buns and sodas. So we'll never really know if it is meat or the many very high carbohydrate foods people usually eat ALONG with meat that promoted these cancers.


Alcinda (Cindy) Moore said...

If I'm not mistaken, they also didn't ask about family history!!!

Another flawed study. Surprise surprise!!!