March 27, 2015

Study Discovers How Avandia and Actos Stimulate Brain to Increase Hunger and Weight Gain

A new study casts new light on a new reason why the TZD drugs, Avandia and Actos, pack weight on people. This was a side effect that many patients complained about quite vocally online, but doctors insisted it was not caused by the drug. It was.

Medical News Today: Study finds why drug for type 2 diabetes makes people fat

I wonder what else stimulates those brain receptors. So many of us struggle with hunger that is physiological in origin. Sadly, too many of us take it personally and blame ourselves for moral weakness.

Remember, most of the time, hunger is a symptom. When you feel hungry, you need to do detective work to find out what is causing that hunger. If it is irrational, consider the medications you are taking.

My guess is that for some of us fluctuating blood sugars also stimulate receptors like these in the brain which is why people with Type 2 Diabetes so often get fat when their blood sugars first get out of control--at levels that do not show up on doctor's crude blood sugar tests.