November 20, 2006

Converting Blood Sugar Measurements from mg/dl to mmol/L

It's easy to convert blood sugar measurements reported using the U.S. style of blood sugar measurements using mg/dl to the kind used in the rest of the world that use mmol/L.

Just multiply the mmol/L measurement by 18.05 to get the US measurement.

Divide the U.S. measurement by 18.05 to get the measurement used in the rest of the world.

If you don't have a calculator handy, forget the fraction and use 18. It's close enough.

Here's a handy online calculator that does the conversions for you:


Anonymous said...

That's useful - it can be quite confusing reading information on sugar levels in the US, when ours are so different here in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Good blog I am in Canada your info is useful