August 1, 2006

Quoted again . . . Almost right but not quite

I seem to have become the Poster Girl for "Thinking Twice about Exubera". A new article which is popping of in quite a few newspaper web sites quotes me, a lot more accurately, as explaining my concern that it would be tough to match Exubera to carb intake.

The only thing not quite right here is that I didn't say there were only 2 dose sizes.

Here's what I actually wrote to the journalist who wrote the article:

> But Exubera isn't sold in units, it is sold in mg, and the prescribing
> information tells doctors to calculate the dose based on the patient's
> weight. Their guideline says that someone my weight should be taking 3 mg
> of Exubera, which they state is equivalent to 8 units of insulin. I can hypo
> severely on 5 units of insulin! In fact, I'd have to eat 80 - 100 grams of
> carbohydrate at once to keep from hypoing, which is about twice what I ever
> eat. But I have friends who weigh less than I do who need five times as
> much insulin as I do. For them that dose will be too little to keep them
> from developing dangerous blood sugar spikes aftere eating.
> To make it even worse, 3 mg of Exubera does not have the same insulin unit
> equivlence to three 1 mg doses of Exubera.