August 25, 2006

ADA Nutritional Guidelines -- Keeping Diabetics Diabetic!

The American Diabetes Association is funded heavily by Big Pharma and companies that manufacture high carb junk food. Not so suprisingly, despite a decade of peer-reviewed research proving that a) post-prandial blood sugars are what injure and kill diabetics and b) carbohydrates in meals cause high post-prandial blood sugars, and c) Limiting fat intake has no effect on heart disease, the ADA just came out with new Nutritional Guidelines telling people with diabetes to shun low carbohydrate diets, eat lots of whole grains, and restrict saturated fat to 7% of diet (replacing fats, with carbs, since they also tell people with diabetes to avoid high protein diets.)

There is no way of justifying these recommendations with scientific evidence. Not a single study has shown anything but good outcomes for people with diabetes who restrict carbohydrates. Major research has also proven that low fat diets do not improve cardiovascular health. In addition, study after study shows that cholesterol profiles improve for people on such diets in a way that corresponds to lowered cardiovascular risk (i.e. lower triglycerides and higher HDL).

But people on low carb diabetes diets aren't going to be buying products from ADA main sponsors, Cadbury Schwepps and General Mills. They aren't going to be buying $80 a month prescriptions from Big Pharma either. Obviously the ADA knows who is paying their executives' lavish salaries, and it isn't us poor schnooks with diabetes.

Here's the list of Corporate Sponsors of the ADA. Notice how many make drugs and junk food:

* ARAMARK Corporation [from their web site: "An international company specializing in food services for stadiums, arenas, campuses, businesses, and schools." Tater tots and nacho providers]
* Aventis Pharmaceuticals
* Bally Total Fitness Corporation
!!!!!* Blue Moon Licensing, LLC (Blue Moon Pizza)
!!!!! * Cadbury Schweppes -- America's Beverage [Chocolate, cookies etc]
* Colgate Palmolive Company
* Day-Timers, Inc.
!!!!! * General Mills, Inc. [cereal, cookies, snack foods]
* Gold's Gym International, Inc.
* Johnson Publishing Company, EBONY
!!!!! * Jones Soda Company
* MBNA America Bank, NA
* McNeil Nutritionals [The Splenda company]
* Merisant U.S., Inc. [The Aspartame company]
* Performance Bicycles, Inc.
* Rite Aid Corporation
* Solo Licensing LLC
!!!!* Specialty Brands of America [maple syrup, candy, etc]

List from This Page on the ADA Site

Don't give The ADA a cent of your money until they stop killing people with diabetes by telling them to eat food that raises their blood sugar. If you want to contribute towards diabetes cures, The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) uses its money far more wisely.


PJ said...

There is a book called 'murder by injection' written a couple decades ago. It is about the founding of the AMA, and it goes into a huge study done in Australia when they were evaluating what healthcare approach to take, and it goes into a 1986 Supreme Court ruling against the AMA for using outright mafia tactics to try and literally kill the entire field of chiropractry (which is also known for being vastly more nutritionally oriented). But the real mind blower was when he suggested that basically the people on the boards of the chemical companies that poison us, the chemical companies that drug us, the media companies that 'educate' us, and the government agencies that regulate food and more 'for the health of the people' are all the same people or totally interrelated. It has basically a run through of all the people on the boards of a variety of companies, and then explains who they are and how they are related to others. It's so shocking it's enough to make someone a conspiracy theorist overnight.

I think it is pretty prevalent through all government agencies and all major medical associations, it's just that people don't realize it because who knows the board of directors, and who would know their background or relatives anyway?

This was a good blogpost, thanks for that. I think it's critically important that people realize the damning conflict of interest that the ADA clearly has.

If I say this on forums people suggest that I'm paranoid. But I fail to see how an association that tells my diabetic stepmother to eat low protein and low fat and tons of carbs, when ALL decent research on the subject makes it clear this is more likely to gradually, miserably, painfully, and more importantly "expensively" kill her off, is not on my list of friends.

DJ said...

Right on! We're being "schwepped" alright, by ADA sponsors whose products help CAUSE diabetes.

Dr. Bernstein, engineer/physician (The Diabetes Diet, The Diabetes Solution) has a restricted carb, exercise plan to give you normal blood sugars, and Olympian-class triglycerides and cholesterol. The astute will pick up his books before they're suppressed.