December 2, 2015

A New, Expanded Edition of Blood Sugar 101 Is Coming Very Soon

I am very happy to announce that I just sent the newly revised and expanded second edition of Blood Sugar 101: What They Don't Tell You About Diabetes to the printer.

I hope it will be available for purchase by December 15 in both printed and ebook formats. If all goes well, this means that it will be available at all major online bookstores in time for January 2, the beginning of the Annual Season of Repentance--the time when even the sloppiest of us get serious about diet and health.

The new edition is 38 pages longer than the first one--and this expansion happened after I deleted the recipe section (which is still available online.). So there are actually 43 new pages of text. This new content includes several sections addressing the most common topics, not covered in the old edition, which people have emailed me about over the last 3 years since I made a minor update to the text.

The book is still the same, in terms of what topics it discusses and what strategies it promotes. New research has been cited only where it adds strength to the points being made, but I have worked very hard to keep the book clear and accessible to readers who are looking for simply explained, actionable advice.

The influx of so many new drugs into the market, and the availability of so much new research about the older diabetes drugs has made it necessary to add a second chapter about these drugs, splitting them into Generic and Patented Diabetes drugs. I also discuss Weight Loss Surgery as a cure for diabetes, the Newcastle and Vegan diabetes diets, and have expanded the exercise chapter a bit.

I've also come up with a new cover that is easier to read online since my books are sold almost exclusively via web bookstores.

UPDATE: :This book is now available. To find links to the online bookstores that sell both the paperback and ebook forms follow this link:

Unfortunately, I can't sell autographed copies directly but I'd be happy to autograph any cards or bookplates you mail me. Email the address above for instructions.