January 28, 2015

Updates: Inhaled Insulin on Market, Diabetic Mouse Studies Discredited, GI Index too

I haven't posted in a while, but there are three news-worthy items that need attention.

1. Afrezza, the super-fast-acting insulin I wrote about after it got FDA approval last year is finally on the market. I discuss it on this new web page: Afrezza - Inhaled Insulin. If you try Afrezza, please email me a report at mailto:jruhl9999-d12@yahoo.com with a title, "Afrezza report." You can also post about it in the comment section here.

Note: Many people have been emailing me that they are having trouble replying to this blog. It is a Google problem. Usually using Explorer for your browser will fix it.

2. Diabetic Mice: I've never been a fan of mouse research. Now a disturbing new finding confirms just how flawed it has been.  It turns out that the engineered mouse model for diabetes that has been used in 250+ studies also has an abnormal human growth hormone gene that causes the mouse to have extremely abnormal levels of that hormone, which causes them to produce insulin in a highly abnormal fashion.

Mainstream scientists are calling these "tainted mice."

You can read the details here:  Medical News Today: Diabetes Research Takes an Unexpected Turn

3. The Glycemic Index. Research has found that the Glycemic Index is uselss for people for diabetes. I've discussed that at length, HERE.  Now it turns out, it's also useless for normal people. Carbs, it turns out are carbs for them, too. Fast or slow, doesn't matter. Eating lower GI foods did not produce better health outcomes.

Ignore the headline and read the report here: Glycemic Index Shouldn't Concern People Without Diabetes

Bottom line, the Glycemic index shouldn't concern ANYONE. It's junk science made popular by grain companies afraid of losing customers to healthier, lower carb diets.


Dr.Riyaz Sheriff said...

Good... I have been trying to get more reviews for afreeza for my blog as well..
never been a big fan of Glycemic index...

Eileen said...

I am happy they finally admitted that the Glycemic Index is junk science. I have always thought so and I am glad to see my beliefs confirmed. I enjoy your blog.

Unknown said...

I've always had my doubts about the GI. For once, it isn't listed on the labels so it's always estimated. Then again, it has nothing to do with nutrients content; a food low in GI can be high in calories or saturated fat. Oftentimes you hear that sugar has a high GI but you know already that you have to avoid simple sugars so why make it so complicated?

I enjoyed reading your blog.