May 15, 2013

The Ten Companies That Profit Most Heavily From Selling You Junk Carbs

I found this remarkable graphic on a web site devoted to investment strategies. The article it illustrates pointed out that investors could earn excellent returns their entire lives by investing in these companies because their products saturate the world.

The graphic shows you how many brands these 10 companies control. I bet you thought many of them were separate companies.

When you realize how fully junk food is controlled by a few companies, you have to ask yourself how much money these super-sized international corporations pour into making sure that the public never learns the price they pay for loading up on the crap they sell.

Here's the graphic:


Lori Miller said...

It looks very much like a list of the sponsors of the ADA:

Jenny said...


Yup! Tell your friends not to contribute a penny to the ADA. It's virtually a lobbying group for the junk food industry.