September 1, 2011

My Second Novel Has Just Been Published

No one likes to be defined by their diabetes, not even me. Though I put a lot of time into dealing with it and sharing what I learn with you and other visitors to this site, I have a whole life outside of diabetes which for the past two and a half years has revolved around writing romance novels, since I was fortunate enough to be offered a contract by one of the "Big Six" publishers.

So I'd like to let those of you who enjoy Historical Romances know that my second novel, Star Crossed Seduction is now available.

Based on feedback from people who read the book before publication, Star Crossed Seduction, despite the romance-y title and cover (over which I have no control) also appeals to people who don't usually read romance but enjoy upscale historical fiction, due to the high quality of the writing and the depth of the character development you'll find in its pages. You can learn what it's about, read what reviewers have had to say about it, and find links to where you can buy it online HERE.

Star Crossed Seduction is being stocked in many book stores and some of the larger Walmarts. It is also available in all common e-book formats.

As noted before, my publisher will be contributing a portion of every book sold to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, as part of its "K.I.S.S and Teal" campaign which is harnessing the power of Romance novels to reach women readers to raise awareness of this deadly and increasingly common disease.

To celebrate the release of Star Crossed Seduction, I've put together a contest which gives you a chance to win a prize and me a chance to see my book displayed around the country (and the world), which I enjoy because I live in a rural area with almost no bookstores, so I rarely get to see my books on a store shelf live and in person.

All you need to do to enter it is snap a photo of Star Crossed Seduction and either upload it using the form you'll find HERE, email it to me, or post it on the Jenny Brown's Romance Novels page on FaceBook. The winner, chosen at random will get a $25 gift certificate to their favorite online bookstore.

That's all I'll say about the book here, but if you want to keep tabs on my writing career, just "like" the FaceBook page


Steve Parker, M.D. said...

Congratulations on getting a contract with a Big Six publisher! That shows the reader that an agent and editor were very impressed with your writing. Good luck with sales.


Laura Scarlett said...

Congratulations on getting your book published! I'm an aspiring writer myself and I have metabolic syndrome so I know how hard it is to keep your mind focused on writing and submitting, while on medications. You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing about your book, you can bet I'll be looking for it!

Susanne said...

I am so impressed. Who would have suspected our own geekgirlscienceanalyst had an inner supercoolhistoricalromancenovelist lurking within? :) I "like" it.

Jenny said...

Susanne, You'd be surprised how many bestselling romance authors have serious science cred--far more than I do. Stephanie Laurens earned a Ph.D. in biochemistry, Laura Kinsale, an advanced degree in Petroleum Engineering. Judith Ivory was a professional mathematician. Maybe if I'd gotten the degree I'd have romance sales numbers as good as they do.

Susannah Allen said...

Congratulations Jenny!

Nicky said...

And another one on the way, I see! How very cool, Jenny - congratulations!