August 10, 2010

Dear Opportunistic Weasel

Please tell the PR firm you retained to promote your worthless supplement, self-promoting diet book, dangerous drug, or sleazy clinic that they wasted their time emailing me the computer generated letter that praised my site and offered me the "exciting opportunity to partner with you."

I do not want to meet with you at the ADA Scientific Sessions. I do not want to have a meaningful discussion with you on Skype. I do not want to review your book, no matter how many degrees you've earned. And I most certainly do not care how much you'd appreciate it if I were to tell my readers about your bogus product.

You're a complete stranger to me and my readers and there is no reason on earth why they'd want to hear about the product with which you plan to fleece people with diabetes.

Your heartfelt praise of my web site is hard to believe in light of the link you provided to yours--which contains the same toxic diet advice that has been giving people with diabetes complications for two generations.

My readers do not want to hear about the benefits of a low fat diet. They don't want to learn about miracle fruits. They really don't want to buy a book full of recipes guaranteed to raise their blood sugar.

They aren't interested in the latest study you manufactured, in house, for your toxic drug, no matter how much you pay ADA to keep telling people they should ignore the objective research that revealed the dangers you kept hidden for a decade.

They don't even want a "free" meter whose outrageously expensive strips (not included) aren't any more accurate than those sold for half their price.

I am not swayed by the testimonials you made up for the obscenely expensive supplement you're selling under your own branded label. I've already told my readers about the peer reviewed studies that prove it doesn't work, as you'd have seen had you actually taken a look at my site.

There is a special place in hell reserved for professionals who put their intelligence and advanced educations to the service of enriching themselves by promoting expensive miracle cures to people suffering from a condition that, treated poorly, dooms them to blindness, amputation, kidney failure and heart attack. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Because, if you hadn't put all your energy into figuring out how to extract cash from the millions of people with diabetes by selling them bogus crap, you might have learned there is already IS a treatment that for a good proportion of all people with Type 2 Diabetes restores normal health, even if it can't undo the underlying flaws that cause the diabetes.

This treatment isn't magic, it isn't secret, and all it takes to put it into practice is a blood sugar meter, some strips, and a willingness to test the foods we eat.

Sadly, most people with diabetes will never hear about this treatment, because people like you have so much more money available to promote your bogus products. The deluge of PR releases you send to the health media drown out the voices of those of us trying to get the word out about what really works.

So Dr. Weasel and all the other Weasels who have been clogging my email inbox of late, listen up! If you want to "partner" with me, a good place to start would be to include a copy of the How to Lower Your Blood Sugar Flyer with every communication you send to anyone with diabetes. Feature it on your web site. Include it in the press releases you send the media. Discuss it when you muscle your way onto TV talk shows.

Before let your PR staff send me an email raving about how much you love my Blood Sugar 101 web site, have the courtesy of reading a few pages--particularly those on how to lower blood sugar, what drugs work, and what supplements are dangerous.

If the real reason you contacted me was because you hope to use the traffic my site gets to make money off my readers, don't send the email. There is zero chance I will respond positively.

Every Weasel like you who takes up even three minutes of the time I could put to better use responding to emails from people with diabetes with real problems is doing his part to ensure people with diabetes get sicker.

Of course, the sicker they are, the more likely they are to fall for your scams. Maybe that's part of your strategy.

If anyone reading this knows what mailing list I managed to get on that is earning me this weaselly deluge and knows how to get me off of it, let me know.

I'm getting to where I'm starting to miss those nice men in Nigeria who have a couple spare million they want to deposit in my bank account. At least they don't pretend they're trying to help people with diabetes.



Anna said...

Love it! You tell 'em, Jenny!

Andreboco said...

Jenny, I love you goin for the throat...I am going to treat lightly and get all my ducks in a row before I ask you to be in my book...but then I will are invaluable to the diabetic community..Andre

Rad Warrier said...

I hear you Jenny. Very well said.

"I'm getting to where I'm starting to miss those nice men in Nigeria who have a couple spare million they want to deposit in my bank account. At least they don't pretend they're trying to help people with diabetes."

While I get the Nigerian stuff in my email inbox perhaps once in a fortnight, I get every day in my inbox at least a couple (some days more) of 'newsletters' and such pushing supplements/remedies/diets/... :-).


Michael Barker said...

Brava, Jenny, Brava!

Unknown said...

You mean you aren't getting 'Make your penis bigger' emails 50 times a day like I am. I mean really, maybe if I had one of my own I might want to, but not 50 times a day.

Alan said...

Thanks Jenny, very well said.

Google Blogger have finally added a spam filter to the system. At long, long last.

Jenny said...

I suspect Google also has something to do with how the Weasels learn of my traffic counts. I use their analytics program so they know all about my traffic and are probably selling those statistics to weaseldom.

PJNOIR said...

As my wife and daughter would say _ You go girl !

LHL said...

Well said Jenny, sadly they will not read it - as they obviously haven't looked at your site themselves.

Perhaps we should all Tweet about this post. Isn't Twitter were all the PR people hang out?

Jenny said...

Tweet away!

Ronnie Gregory M said...

Well said Jenny...where is the FTC, because this is getting rampart, I have gotten at least 5 spam emails in the last couple of weeks and it just pisses me off...with scams like the Nigerian guys stay alive because out of every 100 sent, there is that 1 person who is gullible or desperate enough to buy into these supposed miracle cures.
I attempted to highlight these scams for cures in my piece I wrote a few days ago for the sake of the newly diagnosed who may not know any better

Liz H. said...

Brava, indeed! As usual, Jenny, you hit the nail right on the head, though I doubt that it will change the behavior of those greedy creeps.
Ugh, my husband was watching Dr. Oz, and he just said that type 2diabetes is a "lifestyle disease", and can be "reversed" by "lifestyle changes"--eating lots of "healthy whole grains", according to him! More misinformation--and on it goes......

RachaelHD said...

Tell it sister!

Anonymous said...

You are spot on, and this is what I am doing - testing and eating a low-carb/Primal plan. And it works!
When DX'd, I was immediately offered 'scripts for everything - including Avandia. OOOPS!
And this AFTER I had my overnight down to 75 - in about 2 weeks with a VERY low carb plan. I thought "why"? That was 4 years ago. My last A1C was 5.3. My best overnight has been ~72, I think it was! You tell 'em!

Robert Waldrop said...

It's always nice to hear someone speak truth to power.