February 18, 2009

A Simpler Link to "test, Test, Test"

The one problem with my diabetes site is that the page names are computer generated and hard to remember. So I just put together a new, easy to remember link that will take you to the page that describes how to get your blood sugar under control. This is my rewritten, updated version of the Jennifer's Advice page that is posted around the web and which has helped thousands of people join "The Five Percent Club."

Either version will work:



This should make it easier to remember the link so you can pass it on to friends who might find it helpful.
In other news, I just received word that J.C. Hartmann, one of the founders of the alt.support.diabetes newsgroup and one of the first promoters of the "5% club" concept has died at the much too young age of 57. I do not know the details, but I do know that the world has lost a wonderful, helpful person.

Alt.support.diabetes during its heyday was a supurb source of support and information for people with diabetes. It became overwhelmed with spam over the past couple years and I no longer recommend it, but without it I would not have anywhere near the understanding of how many different ways people have found to control their diabetes and recover normal health.

Quite a few of the early web diabetes pioneers have passed on. Ottercrittr and Jude Crouch, for example. They both died of cancer. Both were very good people who left enduring legacies in the help they gave to others.


Bjay said...

Thank you for all the great insightful information. I don't know why I never heard of your book or blog before! I'll be sure to mention it to my blog subscribers as well as on my website. :) Thanks!