December 9, 2008

Lots of Interesting New Studies This Week

I've just spent some time going through the medical journals, and there are quite a lot of new findings that should be of interest to people with diabetes.

I've integrated these new findings into the relevant pages on my Blood Sugar 101 web site, and also discussed them in the blog that tracks changes to the Blood Sugar 101 site. The widget below lets you easily see what's new. Just click on the entries that interest you:


Anne said...

Thanks for the updates and giving me more incentive to keep my blood glucose low. With a low carb diet I can keep my FBS in the 80's and after meal readings lower than 120. That may not be good enough.

Jenny said...


FBS in the 80s and after meals under 120 is 100% rock solid normal.

It is more than good enough!

Anne said...

Thanks - "It is more than good enough!" - that is good to hear. Honestly, I do get some after eating blood sugars as high as 140, but that is not very often. I feel lucky I can do this with diet alone right now.