May 25, 2008

New Widget Converts A1c/Glucose/mg/dl/mmol/L

I had some spare time this morning and turned my A1c/Avg converter into a widget you can put on your own blog or web pages. It will convert A1c to average blood sugar and vice versa using either mg/dl or mmol/L. You can also use it to convert mmol/L and mg/dl back and forth. Enter one measurement, and the converter will fill in the others.

This converter uses the most recent ADAG formula which was just published this past fall. It is based on a large number of CGMS measurements and is supposed to be more accurate than the old DCCT formula which is the one most commonly used. That's because the DCCT formula was derived from infrequent meter testing. I find this formula gives a lower equivalent than the DCCT formula. And to me it appears more accurate.

You will find the new widget at HERE

Give it a try and let me know what you think. Also let me know if you have a problem displaying it on your screen. I've tested it on our computers but there may be problems with some screen sizes and fonts.

If you want to install it on a page of your own, click the "get widget" link and past the code into your own page. In blogger, use the "Layout" feature and create a new "HTML/Javascript" item.

I've also added a "Recent Posts" widget which shows more posts by title than the Blogger Archive does. The archive is now at the bottom of the page.


Alan said...

Hi Jenny

Interesting widget; sadly those formulae never work for me. My A1c stubbornly hovers just under and occasionally over 6%, but my average has been under 6mmol/l for years.

Right now my 30 day, which includes more 1hrPP than FBG, is 5.8(105) which the widget converts to 5.3%; I wish it were true, but my last was 5.8%. In fact, that is my usual simple converter; my average in mmol/l is my A1c in %.

Cheers, Alan

Jenny said...


Sounds like you are, like myself, a "high glycator." I've blogged about the study that explored this HERE

That study find that the increment by which people are higher or lower than predicted is consistent. So if you know how much higher you were than predicted once, you can predict your next A1c accurately using the formula.

Anonymous said...

This widget is very cool. My BG average is 108 ( read from the Freestyle Flash ) and A1c is 5.4. Can the code be considered Open Source?

Jenny said...

I'm not sure what you mean by "is the code open source." The widget can be installed on any site at the present time. The underlying code is not for public distribution.

Alan said...

Thanks Jenny, you posted "More Insight into Why A1c Doesn't Match Your Meter Measurements" while I was wandering the world, so I had not seen it before. That explains quite a few things.

Off to read the references - thanks again.

Cheers, Alan

Jonah said...

I don't like hwo the widget opens a popup to convert the numbers, but it seems about right to me.

manny hernandez said...

I just installed the widget in the Diabetes Video Blog and in the TuDiabetes Blog that feeds our iTunes podcast.

Thanks for contributing something so useful!