November 17, 2007

Great Diabetes Gift!

I just got the diabetes bag I ordered only two days ago from Rickina at Stick Me Designs.

It is even nicer than I expected it to be. I can stuff every possible diabetes supply I can think of into this bag and still get it shut.

Here's a photo:

Needles, pen, pen needles, insulin vial, meter, lancet, strips, even my handy dandy needle snipper, all fit in. And with all this stuff in the bag, it still closed:

Rickina, who recently went through a diabetic pregnancy which made her realize the need for this kind of bag, makes these herself. I also sew, and I can tell you, her work is beautiful.

You could also put your glucose in one of the zippered compartments, or your house keys wallet and money, for that matter. It would also be perfect for putting in a larger handbag or for when you travel and want to be sure you have all your stuff with you as carry on.

Most of all what I love is how jaunty it is.

Way to go Rickina!


Christine said...

Man, I want one. Think glucagon kit would fit in?

Anonymous said...

I checked my mail today, and I don't have mine yet :(
Hopefully tomorrow! I am really excited about it - I got the pink and green one and am loving the polka dots of yours so I may need two!

Jenny said...


I don't have a glucagon kit so I can't tell you if it would fit or not. You can email Rikina from her site or and give her the dimension.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Jenny for that wonderful post. And Sara if you're reading you should have yours by Monday! :) And Christine-megan c'mon on by! ;)

Khürt Williams said...