September 14, 2007

Invasion of the Blog Stealers

Some readers have expressed concern about the copyright violation notice I went and stuck on the bottom of my last ten posts.

Here's the reason it's there. Some bottom feeding web site hosted in a Far Eastern country has set up something that sucks in other people's blog postings and republishes them as if they were the blogger's own content. The point of all this appears to be to make money off the many Google Ads that top the page. When I checked my blog in Technorati recently, I saw dozens of my blog posts being copied in full this way by one site with the only clue as to where they came from buried in very fine print. Since these weasels seem to strip content on a daily basis, I figured I'd include the copyright violation note so that it would appear on their scum sucking site.

I love being linked and or quoted for a paragraph or so by people who share a common interest in improving the health of people with diabetes. Just don't pick up my entire post and publish it as if you wrote it!

Copyright Janet Ruhl, 2007. If you are reading this entire blog post anywhere but the contents were stolen.