March 23, 2007

This is What Diabetes Sounds Like!

Too much blood sugar might be what makes this new album so sweet, but whatever the explanation, I'm hooked. It has been years since I've bought an album I enjoyed this much. Elliot Yamin (who finished third on American Idol last year) has a beautiful voice, and even more importantly, he has impeccable taste. These songs stick in your head all day.

Elliot has Type 1 diabetes and wears a pump. He's used his new-found celebrity to promote the JDRF and has spent considerable time with young people with diabetes serving as a role model.

What I love the most about this album is that it is optimistic, idealistic, full of love songs without an ironic twist. It's been years since anyone has dared to be this open and loving in public. I hope he becomes a huge star. It's time the media featured someone besides angsty spoiled brats.

You can listen to some of Elliott's new album here:

Here's the video:

It's independently produced so buying it supports the artist. If you enjoy it and want to do something back for Elliott consider making a contribution to The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. I did.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the music tip. I hadn't heard of this guy: I don't watch American Idol ever. But I did listen to the cuts on his website and ended up buying the album on iTunes.

The last time I bought music on impulse like that was after hearing The Guess Who on my car radio singing No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature!


Anonymous said...

Very nice and accurate observations about this CD that I'm loving so much as well. He doesn't complain, but you can hear him quoted many times saying "Let's find a cure for this thing". His optimism is refreshing.