February 5, 2007

Must have been the hormones

The munchies went away as fast as they'd come on, so the Januvia seems to be off the hook for causing them. A couple other symptoms suggest that the problem was being caused by hormonal changes caused by ending my estrogen replacement therapy.

So that's good news!

I went to a Super Bowl party yesterday and learned, the hard way, that I can't eat very much food without feeling unpleasantly stuffed. So I suspect that the Januvia might be delaying stomach emptying. I haven't been eating all that much food at one time over the past couple weeks. Eating even a modest amount of more food was not fun.

The Super Bowl wasn't much fun either, which is a whole nother story. Sloppy weather like last night's torrential downpour makes for sloppy football that can only entertain hard core fans of the teams that are playing. Mine wasn't, so I found myself really not caring what happened on the field. For my money, the San Diego/Patriots game was the best game of the entire playoff season and San Diego was the best team in football this year--and I'm saying this as a die-hard Patriots fan!

My continuing fasting blood sugars in the 80s and very low 90s are fun. My Ultra 2 shows an average "Before Meal" reading of 87 mg/dl based on 15 readings over the past 2 weeks and of 91mg/dl over the past 30 days (based on 36 readings). The "After Meal" average reading is 110 based on 61 readings over the past 30 days. Most of those "before meal" readings were fasting. The rest were taken more than 3 hours after eating. The "after meal" readings are those taken 1 and 2 hours after eating.

I continue to test a lot less than before because I'm feeling so much better. The exception was during the three days during the past week when I had the nonstop muncies. My readings during that time did not rise, so whatever it was, the problem was not caused by blood sugar problems.