January 8, 2007

Taking a Break from Online Activity

As much as I've enjoyed interacting with the many people active in the online diabetes community, I've come to the conclusion that it's time for me to rethink how I use my time and energy. My diabetes work online has always been something I do to give back to others, but I need to save more of my energy for earning a living and doing things that involve more face-to-face real time interaction with people.

Much of what I know about diabetes is already available on my web site, What They Don't Tell You About Diabetes. Thanks to Google, the people who need this information are finding it. But after a lot of thought, I've concluded that investing further time in posting on bulletin boards and updating this blog is not making enough of an additional impact to justify the many hours that I've been dedicating to doing it.

I'll continue to respond to emails from the people who visit my site (and this blog) as I have always done, and I may post occasionally here and on various online boards as time goes on. But for now I'm on an "online diet" and will be avoiding online communications for as long as it takes to get other parts of my life up and running again.

It's been fun. . . .now on to what's next . . .