October 23, 2006

New Pages on "What They Don't Tell You About Diabetes"

I created new "Complications" section on What They Don't Tell You About Diabetes. I'll be adding more pages and revising these new pages as time goes on.

The most important information is probably on the "retinopathy" page where I link to a good review of what is known about the worsening of diabetic retinopathy with improved control. The short version is that it happens, especially with people taking insulin, but long-term even if you experience temporary worsening as you get better control, over time you'll end up in MUCH better shape. And gradually improving blood sugar, rather than doing it fast doesn't appear to prevent the short-term retinopathy worsening that occasionally occurs.

I've also started a FAQ page which you can find limked from the main page of the site. I respond there to some of the common questions visitors write to me.