September 28, 2006

New Heart Attack Page on "What They Don't Tell You"

I've put together a page that links to the major studies that show that a) total cholesterol is not a good predictor for heart attack risk and only triglycerides and HDL seem to predict anything at all b) A1c predicts heart attack risk perfectly, and that risk rises significantly as soon as blood sugars are over true normal: an a1c of 4.6%

A1c Predicts Heart Attack


Anonymous said...

thanks again.
great information

barngirl said...

This is excellent, thanks for posting. I have one question. On my labs, it says it's the CHOL/HDL should be under 5.0; your page said 3.0. My lab sheet also says the LDL/HDL should be under 3.0. Just want to make sure this isn't a mixup. Maybe different labs have different ranges...?

Jenny said...

Here's a good link that shows a graph summarizing the Framingham ratio data:

The ratio of Total/HDL of 3 is where the risk ratio is the lowest. By the time you get to 5 it is starting to be elevated.

It seems that most labs flag as normal the ratios that most people have, not the ones that actually test out as normal. This is certainly the case with A1c!