June 28, 2006

R-only insulin looking a lot better the past couple days

After I posted that my fasting bgs had gone back up on the R-only regimen, they came back down. Ninety-two on Tuesday, 88 mg/dl (4.9 mmol/l) today.

This is one of the most annoying things about using insulin, for me, at least. No matter what I get figured out, a week later it is different. But at least this particular "different" in the right direction. If I can keep things at this level, the R-only regimen will work for me.

Strangely, the near normal fasting bg this morning followed a massive overindulgence at dinner last night wherein I managed to figure the insulin right for the most obscene carb overdose possible--to wit, Pad Thai. I get it made with mostly sprouts and very few noodles, as otherwise it is well over 100 grams per serving, but just the sauce can clock in at 40 grams per serving. I did my 3 units of R, waited about 90 minutes before eating and I tested a couple times and didn't see anything over 110 at 90 minutes or 3 hours though the two readings were so close it's possible I peaked in the middle. (I only have so many test strips and I'm going through them far too fast with all this insulin testing.) Still, that beats the 180 I've seen when testing Pad Thai before.

The downside was that I was hungry after eating it and for me, hunger is always a symptom of blood sugars out of whack. Well, I'm not planning to do this again any time soon. But it validated I'm starting to get a handle on how to use the R.

Note to anyone reading who knows anything about insulin: the R-only regimen works for me because the kind of diabetes I have is characterized by rotten post-prandials and only impaired fasting bgs. This regimen would NOT work for someone with Type 1 diabetes. It might work for someone with mild type 2 if their fasting did not rise at night as mine doesn't. I have to eat an all protein breakfast to make it work as I don't have any insulin in my system when I eat breakfast.