November 19, 2014

New One Hour Kindle Short Read: Low Carb Problems Solved

Quite a few people have commented that my full-length book, Diet 101: The Truth About Low Carb Diets gives them more information about the science and studies backing up low carb diets than they want to read.

So for those dieters, I have put together an action-oriented, just-the-facts, Kindle short read that concentrates on the main problems low carb dieters encounter and explains how to solve them. It is designed to be read in roughly an hour.

If you already have Diet 101, you don't need this new book. But if you know people who might benefit from a simpler, less technical discussion of the many issues that arise when people try to diet on low carb diets, let them know about this new book. They'll find it helpful!

You can download this book from Kindle here:

Low Carb Problems Solved: Say Goodbye to Stalled Weight Loss, Failed Maintenance, and Poor Blood Sugar Control (Blood Sugar 101 Short Reads Book 2)


  1. Hi, do you address problems with heart palpitations and dizziness/weakness on a low carb diet? I've always had that problem. I think it might be electrolytes?

  2. Lauren,

    Yes, I do. And I also explain WHY it is that electrolytes can become unbalanced when we eat very low carb diets.


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